The Small and Mighty Acai Berry Fruit and Colon Cancer

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There are many food supplements available in the market today, the manufacturers are praising to high heavens, the efficacy of their products in preventing colon cancer and are using the internet and other media to widen their advertisement but so far none of them could compete with the power of acai berries. Acai berry is the fruit of the acai palm tree which grows in the Brazilian Amazon forest. It is just as small as a purple marble or a grape but it is a mighty fruit; and has been acclaimed as the super food for its contributions to physical health and wellness.

One of its benefits is its propensity in preventing colon cancer. Considered as the number two cause of death in the United States at present, colon cancer has become the center of researches to find what could be its cure; but prevention is much better than cure so we can look at the potentials of this fruit berry.

Acai berry is teeming with antioxidant which eliminates the free radicals in your system because these molecules or toxins coming from the pollutants around you cause diseases and damage your DNA.

Everyday, you encounter pollutants in your environment such as smoke, pesticides, sprays, insecticides and others; they are also in the food that you eat such as meat, sugar, dairy products and others. They get into your body as free radicals or toxins and start attacking the body cells which can lead to cancer. The natural antioxidants inside the body are supplemented by those from the acai and they strengthen the cells and battle to flash off these toxins from the system. By cleansing the systems from these harmful toxins, the antioxidant prevents cancer cells from developing.

When you look at an acai berry, it looks just like an ordinary berry, it is small and round; but when you stop to consider its benefits, especially in preventing colon cancer, you will realize that it is a mighty fruit and it truly deserves the title of super berry.

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Looking for a way to flush the pounds and lose weight the natural way? Acai berry is known as one of the world's superfoods. Harvested for its rejuvinating and detoxifying properties, you can never go wrong with this fruit.

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The Small and Mighty Acai Berry Fruit and Colon Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/03/31