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Countless diseases exist in the world of that we live in, there are even diseases that is not discovered yet especially in remote areas where physicians can not reach. Common diseases such as flu, fever, and the like can easily be cured, but there are diseases which are very serious and can not be cured easily, worse than that, there are many diseases that do not have a cure. It is very sad for those people who acquire such a disease for it will shorten his or her lifespan. Among many diseases, cancer has been taking the lives of millions every year, it does not choose its victim, men or women, young or old, rich or poor, everyone of us can be a victim of cancer. It attacks different parts of our body, most of the time it is on our internal organs.

When a person already has cancer he must undergo chemotherapy or other cancer treatments to minimize the spread of the disease and to treat it. There are types of cancer that shows symptoms at its early stage and there are those who does not it, these are called "silent killers". Colon cancer is a disease that belong those who do not show signs until it is already on its advance stage when the patient experiences pain. Chemotherapy for colon cancer is a method to treat the patient to lessen its symptom, though it does not promise a cure.

Chemotherapy for colon cancer is to kill the cancer cells and control its spread throughout the body. However there are severe cases where chemotherapy for colon cancer does not do anything better for the patient. Colon cancer is very painful specially when it is on the final stage, even physicians and the best oncologists can not do anything but to somehow ease the pain by giving them strong pain killers.

When someone has a colon cancer, the patient needs all the support that he can have, because he is experiencing a state of fear, fear of dying, but when people are around him showing support and giving hope, the patient will continue to fight the disease. Physicians strongly agree that those people who have the strong will and faith to be healed are those patients who became cancer survivors today. They are not different to many cancer patients who experienced its pain only that they were able to surpass the challenge of their life.

Treatments are proven to have made a major part for those cancer patients who survived the disease. Without the initial steps in treating the cancer, it would spread without anything to hinder it. With chemotherapy colon cancer, it can be somehow controlled even if it is on its advanced stage, it depends on the case of the patient but as far as types of chemotherapy is concerned, all of them have helped a lot of cancer patients to feel that there is still a hope. Giving up on life is not an option for the patient, he must put himself together and be determined for a journey for survival, journey for another life.

However, it is important to note that various types of Chemotherapy, effects hair, skin and body as well. Patients feel difficulty with Chemotherapy hair loss

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Chemotherapy Colon

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This article was published on 2010/10/14